EngineAlternative offers R&D solutions and services in the following fields:
Alternative or sustainable (gaseous) fuels
  • LNG/CNG (natural gas), LPG, DME, biogas, and H2 (hydrogen)
  • Stationary, maritime and vehicle IC engine applications
  • Dedicated engine management systems
Internal Combustion engines
  • Optimization of combustion process, performance, efficiency and emissions
  • R&D regarding combustion and fuel system concepts e.g. DI (direct injection) of gaseous fuel, both SI as dual-fuel engines
  • CPBC (cylinder pressure based combustion control) algorithm development
  • Engine simulations, including turbo charger modeling and after treatment
  • Knock control development
Product development

  • Product specification and feasibility
  • Concept development and system design
  • Prototype development and testing
  • HEVs en BEVs engineering support
General services
  • Training activities related to the themes listed above
  • Tailor made engineering services in close cooperation with the client
  • Exhaust gas emission measurements (own facility)