Alternative fuels

EngineAlternative has extensive experience with the following alternative or sustainable fuels: 
  • LNG/CNG (retrofit and OEM, both SI as dual-fuel engines)

  • LPG (retrofit and OEM, including direct gas injection)
  • Biogas, landfill gas
  • DME
  • Ethanol
  • H2 (hydrogen)
  • Combustible vapors (gasoline vapor or process vapors)

EngineAlternative offers the following support and services:
  • Combustion concept development (SI, CI and HCCI) and fuel system design
  • Engine conversion projects
    • from Diesel to Otto
    • from gasoline to LPG or CNG
    • direct injection of LPG and CNG
    • dual-fuel concepts e.g. Diesel-LNG/CNG, both premixed TBI/MPFI as direct injection DI-gas
  • Calibration of engine management systems, including knock control
  • Lambda control systems, exhaust gas after treatment and emissions
  • Fuel system component development (e.g. gaseous fuels)
    • control valves and fuel injectors
    • vaporizers (LPG)
    • pressure regulators
  • Design and realization of test equipment for IC-engines and fuel system components
    • IC-engine test bed design
    • fuel system component development test stand design
    • exhaust gas emission facility
Most of the above listed activities can be offered for both vehicle applications and stationary or maritime engine applications