IC engines

EngineAlternative supports R&D projects on Otto (SI) and Diesel (CI) and dual-fuel IC engines
The following support and services can be offered by EngineAlternative:
  •  Internal combustion engine model development e.g. using GT-Power
  • IC-engine concept development and optimization
    • combustion R&D for performance and/or efficiency, emissions
    • alternative or sustainable fuels
    • dual-fuel concepts (e.g. LNG, both premixed as DI-gas)
    • if required supported by engine simulations
  • Application specific engine modifications:
    • manifold design
    • valve timing (e.g. during CI --> SI conversion)
    • applications like gensets, forklift engines or hybrid applications.
  • Test bed validation program development and (on site) measurement supervision
    • test bed design and development
  • Exhaust gas emission optimization
    • using EngineAlternative's "state of the art" measuring equipment
  • Engine conversion projects 

    • from Diesel to Otto
    • from gasoline to LPG or CNG
    • direct injection of LPG and CNG
    • dual-fuel conversions e.g. Diesel/LNG(CNG)
  • Evaluation and benchmarking of new internal combustion engine concepts and designs
  • Tailor made engine services in close cooperation with the client